Monday, July 30, 2007

Near Birth experience

Have you had a near birth experience? Well, I went through one. Quite literally in a jam packed Mumbai local train. So tightly packed that all bodies, all human beings , all sensations thoughts and emotions had become one mass of flesh and the train seemed like a womb where this piece of flesh, spawning with life, twitches, turns and moves and evolving with the passing time and stations, corresponds to the spasms of the train. Each time a station comes it’s like the time of a rebirth, as if the womb contracts and the vaginal door spews out some mass.
The real struggle begins from inside. The contraction and the contraption. The collective effort of the homogeneous mass to be born, to see the outer word after the gestation period of a few minutes seeming like an eternity. The muscles make an effort. They pull and they push, like a disciplined coordinated drilling exercise. Even you have to make an effort to be born and it’s not as easy as it seemed. It’s like you are only lucky to have survived the ordeal and made your way out. And you are only lucky to be born at the station you wanted. Sometimes despite the collective effort one is stuck right at the door and couldn’t get out at the holy one tenth of the second when the train decides to move ahead. You fee like a baby with a slightly bigger head stuck right at the pelvic bone as it doesn’t accommodate its passage. You request and pray and at another holy second and not so divine place because of another push, one more collective effort and the desire to be born and live and breathe fresh air, you are pushed out.
You are lucky if you are out this time. Sweating and puffing and panting drenched in the amniotic sweat and suddenly into this open expanse called the world compared to the tightness and warmth of the womb.
The umbilical cord is severed and so is your wallet and phone sometimes. But now you are on your own happy to be out and still contemplating how it would have been for yourself and your mom when you were actually being born, now having remembered noting of it. I can only imagine and draw nearest examples.

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